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Meet The Team

Mark Baunstein New.jpeg

Dr Mark Braunstein

“Dr. B,” is a whole health psychiatrist. He completed his residency in general psychiatry and his fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry in 1997. Shortly thereafter, he began exploring the use of psychoactive plant-based medicines in the treatment of various psychiatric conditions in both children and adults. With over 22 years of clinical experience, Dr. B has pioneered a new path in psychiatric care that integrates wilderness programming, exercise, diet, spirituality, and natural medicines. Dr. B is the medical director for multiple mental health clinics, including a groundbreaking psychedelic psychotherapy practice in Boulder, Colorado. His plant-based dosing protocols have made him a sought-after medical consultant, advisor, and educator. He runs inpatient and outpatient treatment programs focused on addiction treatment. Driven by a passion to educate and elevate humanity to a healthier and happier place, Dr. B is involved in multiple projects focused on expanding access, awareness, research, and safety in the field of psychedelics.

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Dr Phil Wolfson MD PHD

Phil Wolfson MD is the creator of a new psychotherapy modality based on use of the medicine ketamine—Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).  Phil is the CEO of the non-profit Ketamine Research Foundation and directs the training of KAP practitioners through The Ketamine Training Center—now numbering over 600 practitioners across the US and Internationally.  KRF’s  Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates membership organization promotes the development of KAP practices and KAP wisdom on an ongoing basis. He is the author of The Ketamine Papers and Noe – A Father/Son Song of Love, Life, Illness and Death.  He has been the Principal Investigator of the Phase 2 study of MDMA treatment for individuals with life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Wolfson’s work is the result of an intense, now many decades long clinical psychiatry/psychotherapy practice. He is a Founder of Progressive Therapeutics Inc, an exciting new commercial psychedelic and psychoactive drug development corporation that is allied with his non-profit. The second volume of The Ketamine Papers is being prepared for publication in 2022.

He was featured in a lead article in the New Yorker and in Vanity Fair. KRF;s research and its Indra’s Net Coalition for the healing of trauma are leading the field.


Phil Wolfson is a sixties activist, psychiatrist/psychotherapist, writer, practicing Buddhist and psychonaut who has lived in the Bay Area for 43 years.. In the 1980s, he participated in clinical research with MDMA (Ecstasy). He has created 8 patents for unique herbal medicines and ketamine. Phil was a founding member of the Heffter Research Institute.  He is a journalist and author of numerous articles on politics, transformation, psychedelics, consciousness and spirit. 


He is a graduate of Brandeis University and NYU School of Medicine.


Philip E. Wolfson, MD
25 Tamalpais Avenue, Suite D
San Anselmo, CA 94960
fax: 415-721-0895
The Center for Transformational Psychotherapy:
The Ketamine Papers

Eva Dillon.jpeg

Eva Dillon

Eva Dillon is a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, an AASECT certified sex therapist, and a ketamine assisted psychotherapist. She has trained directly with Sue Johnson (EFT) and Drs Julie and John Gottman (Gottman Couples Therapy) and is in ongoing training with Peggy Kleinplatz (Optimal Sexual Experiences).  She has done the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) MDMA Therapy Training Program & The Ketamine Training Center’s Fundamental’s of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  She is currently in a two year Trauma Training Program including Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR).  

Eva has specialized training in helping couples recover from infidelity. She offers a sex-positive, collaborative approach and has a special interest in eroticism and enhancing sexual experiences. She is an LGBTQ- and kink-affirmative clinician. Her passion and training have been focused on helping people to connect with each other to create satisfying relationships.

Eva co-leads eight week groups for couples experiencing low desire or frequency and/or desire discrepancy who are interested in enhancing their sexual relationship and ready to embark on group couples therapy. The content of the group is based on the work of the Optimal Sexual Experiences Research Team of the University of Ottawa, including elements and facilitating factors of optimal sexual experiences.

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Rabbi Benji Epstein

Rabbi Benjamin Epstein, Ph.D. is an experienced psychologist, author, and speaker who blends traditional Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with cognitive behavioral, spiritual, and acceptance techniques.  In addition to his private practice  Dr. Benjy leads mindfulness seminars at Inner Space Wellness. He is the author of , “Living in the Presence: A Jewish Mindfulness Guide for Everyday Life,” a work designed to provide a practical roadmap to the discovery of purpose, to capture and experience some of the benefits of the world-to-come, right now, in this world. (Dr. Benjy lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children.)


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Deborah Kaye

Deborah has a BA in Sociology and Philosophy, a mother of 4 she has dedicated the last 8 years of her work to Cannabis events and more recently cofounded PsyTech, a psychedelic education platform focused on education, and community building.


Deborah played an integral role in the marketing and events, including Master classes, webinars and conferences, She was pivotal in leading to PsyTech to acquisition by Wesana Health a psychedelic Biotech company.


Community and education in mental health are her passion.

Deb is also a satndup comedian and you can see her hillarious antics on TikTok @debkayecomedian

saul kaye_edited.jpg

Saul Kaye

Saul is a global influencer in the medical cannabis and psychedelics space and is the founder of CannaTech and PsyTech. Saul is a Pharmacist and specializes in supply chain and compliance in international pharmaceuticals and cannabis.

Saul is at the forefront of the Psychedelic renaissance and has built multi entheogen protocols together with Set, Setting and Ritual and together with Dr B has built a training program to help the next generation of psychedlics therapists use the tools and knowledge gained from years of conscious cannabis and entheogenic discovery. 

You can find Saul on TikTok where he loves to talk, talk talk about pharmaceutics, chemistry, entheogens, energy and addiction.

SHAUN LACOB_edited.jpg

Shaun Lacob
PSYK support team

Shaun Lacob is a kibbutznik who straddling the divide between education and therapy. He has been professionally supporting people in psychedelic states for more than a decade.

After the founding of Anashim Tovim, Israel's first professional psychedelic harm reduction service, he ran a counseling center for backpackers in India that welcomed people in all emotional, psychological and states of consciousness. The reality of working with young Israelis using psychedelics in a post army trip pushed him firmly into the realm of psychedelic assisted therapy. 

Since returning to Israel in 2019 he's been active in bringing psychedelic harm reduction into mainstream, working with government and private organisations and individuals to improve safety and services for psychedelic users. Shaun also provides Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy to people with a Cannabis license, and therapy from a grab reduction perspective.

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