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The creators of
PsyTech & Cannatech bring you

PSYK-ed Ketamine training retreat

for psychiatrists and therapists

Jan 22-27,2023

Mitzpeh Ramon, Israel

What is PSYK-ed

PSYK-ed was founded to advance psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy (PED) and ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) training retreats in Israel.


GET PSYKed for Israel's first KAP training program in conjunction with the Ketamine Training Center (KTC) and led by Dr. Phil Wolfson and

Dr. Mark Braunstein. 

Psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy training will be delivered by Dr. Mark Braunstein, Rabbi Ben Epstein and Saul Kaye and qualifies psychiatrists and therapists in integrating ketamine into their therapeutic model.

Phil Wolfson PSYKed

Dr Phil Wolfson
KAP founder

His clinical practice with ketamine has informed his leadership role in the development of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Phil’s book The Ketamine Papers has been published by MAPS and is the seminal work in the burgeoning ketamine arena.  

Mark Baunstein New.jpeg

Dr Mark Braunstein
Psychedelic Psychiatrist

With over 22 years of clinical experience, Dr. B has pioneered a new path in psychiatric care that integrates wilderness programming, exercise, diet, spirituality, and natural medicines.

Eva Dillon.jpeg

Eva Dillon
Sex therapist

Eva Dillon is a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, an AASECT certified sex therapist, and a ketamine assisted psychotherapist. Her passion and training have been focused on helping people to connect with each other to create satisfying relationships.

Dr Benjy Epstein PHD.jpeg

Rabbi Benjy Epstein

Rabbi Benjamin Epstein, Ph.D. is an experienced psychologist, author, and speaker who blends Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with cognitive behavioral, spiritual, and acceptance techniques.

SHAUN LACOB therapist

Shaun Lacob

Harm reduction expert and tripsitter extraordinaire with hundreds of hours of holding space and integration for people in altered states of reality. Shaun also provides Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy to people with a Cannabis license

PSYK-ed Faculty

Eva Dillon

Eva is dedicating funds to help participants that need financial assistance to attend"


Ketamine therapies are emerging with rapidity and too often are money driven. KPAs recognize that we are in an increasingly competitive environment and seek to distinguish our methodology as a unique psychotherapy.


"Money should not be an obstacle to psychedelic training, apply for a partner scholarship today"

Scholarship Partners

Home: Classes
Selina Gardens outside room
Shabbat Experience
Magnified Grass


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a novel, breakthrough approach to awakened mind and the healing of trauma and depression.

The Ketamine Training Center (KTC) is the premier organization in the field having provided training to over 500 practitioners in our 6-day residential retreat events.

PSYK-ed beleives that ketamine is the best tool in the current legal globally accessible market to learn the fundamentals of psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy 

Magnified Grass


PSYK-ed believes that ketamine is the best tool to learn the fundamentals of practicing psychedelic medicine. Join our experienced family of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) providers to learn about this powerful modality and use ketamine as a jumping-off point to explore the transformative potential of psychedelic therapy. 

Magnified Grass


Join us for an insightful and memorable Shabbat in the Mitspeh, where we will have a spiritual and informative shabbat experience.

The Shabbat will include Vegan and Vegetarian food cooked by our wonderful chef and board at the beautiful Selina Gardens. The weekend will be filled with singing, lectures and group discussions.

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