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By the creators of PsyTech and CannaTech we introduce the experiential PSYK-ed to amplify and enhance your psychedelic treatment training. Our first international PSYK-ed advanced training will be held in Israel in Jan 2023 and delivered by Dr Phil Wolfson and Dr Mark Braunstein.

Our Mission

The conflict in Israel has led to many people developing PTSD and other mental health issues. When these people are unable to receive proper treatment for their mental health problems, it can lead to more serious issues such as suicide or violence against others. PSYK-ed believes that Israel is the ideal location to teach psychedelic medicine 

Israel has a large number of PTSD patients, but the country does not have enough psychologists to provide proper care. To address this issue, PSYK-ed is training the next generation of psychedelic mental health workers and spiritual guides in integrating entheogens to better the results of psychotherapy.

Social Justice - Entheogens for Peace

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Entheogens for peace is a non for profit arm of PSYK-ed that trains the trainers in the practice of psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy designed by Dr Braunstein & Saul Kaye. You can support Entheogens for peace by sponsoring participants to attend our retreats and extend therapy to global PTSD sufferers




PSYK-ed is a psychedelic training retreat for those looking to boost their knowledge on psychedelics, enhance their treatment training or just have an unforgettable experience.

What is PSYK-ed?

PSYK-ed is a psychedelic retreat for those looking to make an investment in themselves. It's about going beyond the classroom, getting to grips with real-world experience and advancing your knowledge of psychedelics.

What do I get with PSYK-ed?

You will learn from experts in the field, including Dr. Phil Wolfson, Dr. Mark Braunstein and many more. You will also get to experience ketamine in a safe environment whilst learning how it can be used therapeutically.

Where is PSYK-ed?

We are hosting our first international PSYK-ed training retreat here in Israel at The Ramon Crater on January 22nd 2023. We hope to see you there!


What is KAP training

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a novel, breakthrough approach to the awakened mind and the healing of trauma and depression.


The Ketamine Training Centre (KTC) is the premier organisation in the field having provided training to over 500 practitioners in our 6-day residential retreat events.

Ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) is a unique therapeutic method used to address a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, addiction, and some forms of anxiety. It involves the use of ketamine to enhance and deepen the therapeutic process, and the use of psychotherapy and other integrative forms of treatment to amplify and prolong the curative effects of ketamine.*

In low doses, ketamine can serve as a supportive adjunct to psychotherapy, as it provides an opportunity for the temporary softening of the psychological defences, allowing for deeper self reflection and psychotherapeutic processing.

In moderate doses, ketamine has psychedelic effects, which have been shown to facilitate profound transpersonal experiences. These types of experiences can help people in a variety of ways, offering important clarity and insight into one’s struggles, adding a spiritual dimension to ongoing therapeutic work, and facilitating a sense of meaning and interconnectedness.

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The essence of Psychedelic enhanced psychotherpy 

Psychedlic Enhanced Psychotherapy or PEP is designed by Dr B and Saul to deliver an advanced training course in the practical use of entheogens and drugs that produce altered states of reality. 


Saul and Mark have been working together to build a course that is unparalleled to prepare you to help patients and their families to treat trauma and addiction at their deepest level. 

Our training includes courses on

  • Entheogens and Shamanism

  • Naturally occurring entheogens including Tabaco, Coffee, Cannabis, Opium, DMT, Ibogaine, Psilocybin and modern synthetics including LSD, and MDMA 

  • Preparation and Intake criteria

  • Set

  • Setting 

  • Ritual 

  • Integration

  • Maintenance

  • Dosage and choice of molecule

  • Family therapy

  • Methods to reduce dependence

  • Neuroplacticity and practices to enhance success including Yoya, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Nutrition, and Adaptagens

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