Psychedelic Sitter Practicum

Focus will be on fundamentals of psychedelic sitting with ketamine. 


This is an experimental trauma-informed retreat/training focused on teaching the fundamental of sitting for ketamine in a ceremonial space. 


We will cover its indications, contraindications, how it works with other plant medicines and basics of ketamine integration, treatment of individuals and groups, and an understanding of the basic chemistry of ketamine.

Lunch will be included daily.


Some evenings will include special guest speakers local to the area.


Participants are responsible for their own accommodations.


Exchange – $3,000


To apply, please send an email to our PSYK-ed logistics coordinator Rasta Stevie Smith:



  • Acquire the fundamentals of ketamine integration for individual and group work
  • Learn the indications and contraindications of ketamine 
  • Discover how ketamine integrates and works with other plant medicines
  • Personally experience ketamine treatment
  • Gain an understanding of the basic chemistry of ketamine